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Adapt workload and capacity

Change the workload in your kitchen, and the capacity to process online/dine-in orders on the fly. The Sayl Store Manager app helps you to update the 'busy status' immediately, increasing the time to order.

Adjust timeslots or stop online orders

Timeslot configuration
With our application you can set the timeslots for all online orders. Whether the order is a pickup in the restaurant, a delivery order or a dine-in order within your restaurant.

For each timeslot, you can set how long a timeslot takes (5 minutes, 10 minutes, ...) and the timeslot can be different depending on the service type. For example, 15 minutes for take-away, 30 minutes for delivery, and so on.
Configure for take-away and delivery
You can configure how many days a client must order upfront. Most of the time this is same-day, so you can also indicate how much time an order must arrive so you can handle it.

Also, you can indicate how many products can be ordered in one timeslot. This avoids you running into problems when receiving large orers.
Keep control
Too busy or crowded in your restaurant? Via the Sayl Store Manager app you or your personnel can stop the online ordering or make the timeslots grow bigger, so people must order earlier upfront.

The app will automatically reactivate the ordering the next morning. Bottom story: you adapt the schedules to your needs.

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