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Share your menu digitally via QR codes

Don't fancy a physical menu card anymore? Adding a digital menu card is simple via Sayl Resto. You can generate stickers from within our platform and paste them on your resto tables or in your hotel rooms
Paste the QR code -
launch the digital menu card

Why QR code menus matter?

QR code menus have a number of advantages. Customers can, for example, swiftly and simply access menus. They won't have to flag down a waiter to ask for a menu because they can get it on their own devices. They won't have to download an app, which can be a turn-off for customers, especially at quick-service restaurants and cafés.

Customers spend more money when they have access to digital menus. While a waiter can only recommend upsell alternatives so many times, computerized menus can do so in an unobtrusive and natural way - “add fingerfood for 7.50 eur?” or “order a soft drink?”

Taking your menu online, though, is about more than simply increasing sales; it's also about improving the consumer experience. Customers who order on a gadget are relieved of the stress they would feel when confronted with a busy waiter. Instead than hurrying to chose products they don't like or forgetting to get something, they can take their time ordering.

Staff no longer need to focus on these more administrative chores because clients may order and pay on their own devices. This allows them to spend more time being hospitable, such as conversing with clients and checking in on how they're doing.

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