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Reward your loyal customers

Sayl Resto is much more than a webshop platform: it is a customer data platform with commerce possibilities. Start with digital ordering but grow into premium functionalities like the loyalty module
Why use Sayl Resto loyalty?
It's a powerful combination of rewards, collection of data, and communication
Entice and reward your loyal customers
The loyalty programme actively invites your customers to sign up and become a supporter of your restaurant. Fully embedded in the digital ordering of Sayl Resto, the redemption process is absolutely seamless.
Capture relevant customer data
The loyalty capabilities in Sayl further help you to be better informed about your customers, what products they look at, what products they buy, how and what makes them come back.
Communicate and bring them back
Be on top of mind: thanks to the interaction builder in Sayl you can communicate as precise and relevant as you want, in an utmost personal way.
What you should know
about Sayl Resto Loyalty
Before you start with the loyalty module.
Fully integrated in the checkout. Start in a snap.
No external integrations to be done. Just activate the module and you can start. During the checkout in your Sayl Resto shop, the customer will be invited to join the loyalty program.
A separate module within Sayl
For Sayl Resto businesses that make use of the digital ordering plans, the loyalty module is not included in the pricing of the basic, pro and bigger plans. The loyalty must be specifically unlocked.
Pricing of the loyalty for small business owners
For Sayl Resto clients that have only 1 business we introduced a starter package that kickstart their loyalty while still keeping the price within reach. The limit of this starter package is a maximum of 2000 registered loyalty users.

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