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Operational excellence

Sayl Resto has been built in close collaboration with restaurant chain managers, and we understand the challenges you deal with on a day-to-day basis. That's why we have put a lot of effort in giving you the capabilities to simplify your digital ordering management.

You are always in control

We help you in the restaurant to better serve your customers, even in the moments of heat.
See which products have problems
When sending the order to your cash register, there is a potential that a product or modifier or modifier value is out of sync. But how do you know which one? Our system tells you exactly what to do!

Askemma: software for upsell on online ordering and take away
Multiple preparation locations
Do you have multiple bars? Separated food and drink bars? Multiple pickup points? Sayl Resto supports complex setups in events, bars, restaurants or food halls.
Askemma: online ordering, promotions and loyalty for your restaurant
Re-push orders to your cash register
Did you have a problem with your cash register and did the order not arrive? Manually re-push the orders by simply tapping a button.
Askemma: keep your customers coming back with online vouchers and loyalty actions
Manually delay or stop orders
It's too busy in your restaurant? Delay an order manually in the App, and your customer gets automatically an email about the delay. You can even decide not to take online orders for a while.
Askemma: smooth management of multiple point-of-sales
Re-assign tables with QR stickers
Do you use QR stickers on the table? Use the App to re-assign them to a table.
Askemma, optimise your staffing
Auto-print failing orders
You count on your cash register for all orders, but you notice that sometimes it dares to drop an order, leading to unhappy customers. No fear, Sayl Resto will auto print the failing order right to your printer.
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