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Unify your customers data

When you are managing a restaurant chain, it will come as no surprise that your customers data sits all over the place. This hinders you in becoming effective and relevant in your communication with your customers. Luckily the Sayl Customer Cloud is helping you in this one.

Start activating
your omnichannel customers data

Your data sits in many places. The Sayl solution brings you the capabilities to track customer intractions and to unify data.
Identify your customer in all channels
Whether your customer orders online, at a kiosk or while sitting at a table in your restaurant, or while paying at the till, we offer multiple identification methods to identify your customer.
Track your customers interactions
The Sayl data tracker will track your customers interactions both on your webshop, on your website, on kiosks, payment terminals and so much more.
Activate your customers data
Just collecting and storing your customers data is only half the work. Customer data only becomes interesting when you can activate it, at the time it really matters. Our customer interaction builder will help you setup new innovative scenarios in a matter of minutes, without a dependency on IT.
When it comes to customer data, Sayl is not a business intelligence platform. It doesn't collect data to only showl you a lot of nice analytical numbers. Sayl goes much further, it collects your customer data to help you in activating your customer at the time it matters.
Geert Roete

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