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Multi-location management

Do you manage a resto chain with multiple restaurants and multiple ordering channels and do you need centralised product, menu and resto management for your online food ordering? With Sayl Resto this becomes a breeze.
Manage your multi-location
and multi-channel ordering
Centralize your operations
Managing online and eat-in digital ordering when you have multiple outlets can be tricky: changes in menus, additions of products and modifiers can quickly turn an easy task in a challenging search for mistakes.

Sayl Restos multi-tier approach with a centralised master structure and your different restaurants as subaccounts make it possible to keep everything under control.

Products are set up or imported in the master account, and can be either cloned or synchronised with one or more subaccounts.
Optimal efficiency for each Sayl Resto feature
Make your life easier by managing all your menus in one single place.

Create vouchers, display rules and upsells from within the master.

Configure the loyalty program from the master account and indicate which restaurant is included in the loyalty program.
A true time saver
Save time by making a change for all accounts at once in the masteraccount.

You'll have the ability to clone and synch every entity towards subaccounts.

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