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Create smart display rules

Do you want to hide lunch products in the evening? Do you want to give an automatic discount during happy hour? Do you have a "wacko Tuesday"? Via Display Rules you can configure what your clients will see, at any time.

How dynamic price & display rules
boost your digital orders

Automatic hiding of products
Do you wish that certain products that you only offer during lunch are no longer on display after lunch? With Sayl Resto you can easily set this up, you can adjust the visibility of each product based on rules that you determine.
Configure promotions
Put certain products or product categories in the spotlight by giving them a discount. You can give discounts as a percentage as well as a fixed discount. In this way you run promotions that you can show continuously or during certain times of the week.
Fancy a happy hour?
The dynamic display rules allow you to enter very specific rules. Would you like to introduce a 'Mad Tuesday' with a higher discount? Or who doesn't know the principle of a happy hour. Set it up via the dynamic rules configurator.

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