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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about Sayl Resto?
What is Sayl Resto?
Sayl Resto is an online solution for restaurant managers that want to manage their customers and digital ordering in an efficient and effective way.

We help 3 persons in a restaurant or hotel chain:

  • restaurant manager: sell more online or in-store
  • operations manager: support the internal processes and help waiters/kitchen
  • digital marketeer: interact with customers the moment it matters

Thanks to our close ties with Sayl Customer Cloud, Sayl Resto can flawlessly help you in the digitization process of your restaurant: start with online ordering, move to integrated loyalty in a fingersnap, and start hyperpersonalisation.
How will my customers order ?
Either your customer visits your website and clicks on the webshop link, or your customer scans a QR code linked to your Sayl shop.
Can I put my own logo and colors?
Definitely! You can put your own logo and attractive banners at the top of the page.
I want to use my own domain name, is that possible?
Yes, we will give you instructions how to configure that and it will work, like it does for many of our customers.
How do I know someone has ordered ?
We inform you via different channels. Our primary channel is an app (Sayl Store Manager) that runs on a tablet or via a website. This app will receive every order and will show you a notification and the app has a voice recording that indicates there is an order. The voice recording is pretty loud, which is good for busy businesses. It can be turned off though ;-)

For businesses that work with one of the cash registers that we integrated, we can inject the order right into your register.

You can download the Store Manager app right from the App store or the Google play store.

In case you would not have a tablet, you can also follow the orders on a laptop or mobile phone.

What do I have to do if I don't have a tablet ?
In case you don't have a tablet, you can follow any incoming order on a website. Just log in to your account, and any order will be shown in the CMS system. This is less convenient so a tablet is really recommended.
How can I stop online orders (when it is too busy) ?
In the Sayl Store Manager App you have the possibility to stop the orders. You, as a restaurant owner, are always in control. You have the power to decide what happens. If it's too busy, you can stop the incoming orders immediately. Consumers who are ordering at that very moment, will get a message that it's too busy in the restaurant therefore online orders have been suspended temporarily.
I have a rather complicated setup with multiple bars. Do you support that?
Yes, we support split orders and even in combination with different cash registers. Please take contact with us so we can discuss your setup.
What if I have some delay in preparation ?
Via the Sayl Store Manager App you can indicate a certain order will take a bit longer than usual (15 min, 30 min, 1 hour). The person who ordered will immediately get a message in his Facebook Messenger that the order will take longer than usual.
What in case someone doesn't pay ?
In case someone creates an order, but this person does not do a payment, we will not send the order to you. In other words, you only get orders that are effectively paid. This way, you are sure you get your money.

There is one exception: if for example you activated 'pay at the point of sales', then a customer can choose this checkout option and they will only pay when they come into your restaurant.
How is delivery different from take-away?
For delivery we request the delivery address, which kinda sounds logical. Attention: We are not a service like Deliveroo or UberEats. Our systems allows those restaurants who want to organise delivery themselves, to offer this service to their clients.
Which payment means do you support ?
We support popular methods as VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Paypal, Bancontact, Payconiq, iDEAL, …
How much does Sayl Resto cost ?
The pricing is explained on a separate page, see Pricing in the menu.
How do I get my menu in Sayl Resto ?
In the setup part we will import your menu either via Excel, or directly from your cash register.
Are you aware of VAT ?
Our system is fully aware of different VAT rules in different countries, which also can differ based on the fact the order is a takeaway or delivery order, or the order contains alcoholic drinks.
Sounds good. How do I start ?
You can start by contacting us on the Demo registration page and setting up a personal demo.
Do you support my cash register ?
We integrate with multiple cash register systems. In case you use a POS that is not connected with the internet, obviously we can not inject the orders into your casher system. However, you still can view the orders in the Sayl Store Manager app.
In which countries are you active ?
We are active worldwide
Can I offer this on my website ?
Yes, this is perfectly possible. You just need to add a tiny piece of code on your website, and the site will be converted from a simple site towards a cool webshop whereby people can order and pay.
Do you link with Lightspeed Resto ?
We are a partner of Lightspeed for all mobile orders, so the answer is Yes :).
Do you link with Deliverect ?
Soon :)
Can I become business partner / reseller?
Please contact us.
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